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Our Name

Time runs out, leaving his trail at the scene. The place is always intertwined with the people who lived in the past, who worked in it, inhabit it today, but they will continue to live and work for him in the future.
The choice of the name AMVRELIA for our products was not accidental.
Originating from the beautiful city of Arta, which was founded on the ancient city of Amvrakia. So we decided to base our product’s name on of the history of our homeland.
Amvrakia in antiquity was one of the most important cities of Greece, it was built on the river Arachthos in the same place as today’s Arta.
It was the most important colony of the Corinthians in northwestern Greece. The name Amvrakia, according to mythology, origins from Amvrakas, son of Thesprotus. Another theory is that it came from Amvrakia, daughter of the king of Dryopes Melania.