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Our Innovation

In the past few years we have noticed that, in global scale, there have been many attempts to conserve and protect the environment, a thing that affects directly the field of agricultural cultivation.
Everyday, sensitised consumers demand that healthier products without chemicals and preservatives become a thing in their diet.
Based on the consumer’s demand for healthy eating and without aiming for quick profit, we choose to use traditional and healthy ways of processing and maintaining our products.


Our olives remain sealed and airtight in barrels so as to mature and so that we have complete control of our products’ traceability. We maintain our products 100% naturally, without the slightest chemical process which would cause the reduction of the price and time that the olive would naturally need to mature, but it would also downgrade the quality and nutritional value of our products. On our attempt to seek healthier ways of packaging which would help the maintenance of our products’ quality and purity, we offer to our consumers PET & glass packaging with our products, which packagings are NOT PASTEURISED thus retaining all the nutrients of the olive.